Our berry hedge – video

Like all urban backyards, ours is surrounded on all sides by walls and fences. Instead of complaining about the shade, I choose to see this as an opportunity to grow lots of crops vertically. Depending on how warm or shady any given spot is, I choose the fruit to plant there. We have a fig growing against the south-west facing wall of our neighbour’s shed and just opposite our backdoor, against an east-facing fence, we planted four different varieties of raspberries.

We have both  summer and fall-fruiting red raspberries, the delicious yellow raspberry ‘Blondie’ and a black raspberry which is a North America native. Because we all pass by the fence several times a day, no berry goes unharvested. I love seeing my kids pop out in the morning to pick berries for their breakfast cereal!

And if I have enough raspberries, I like to make these raspberry rolls.

Do you also grow berries in your garden?

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