Edible forest

Having a large garden has been a dream of ours for years. In 2015 we unexpectedly got a chance to buy a plot basically next to our allotment. The plot is a slightly tapered rectangular (which I guess makes it a trapezoid), measuring roughly 21 meters (69 feet) by 46 meters (150 feet). That means the total area is 966 square meters or ¼ acre. The soil is sandy but the topsoil is deep and fairly rich in humus because it has been gardened organically for several decades.

On this plot we intend to grow most of the vegetables, fruit and herbs for our family of four plus some flowers for the vase. We want an abundant, ecologically balanced garden with space for wildlife. Because I am a garden writer and designer, I also want space to experiment, to try out plant combinations and new growing techniques. We’re in our early forties and we would like to create a garden that will require less and less work in the future so that in our old age we can enjoy ample harvests without the need for a lot of physical work.

Here’s the design:


The design is being implemented gradually – in the first spring we established the kitchen garden and planted most of the trees and large shrubs. Around summer solstice we had a little pond-construction party and made the hugelbed – with the help of awesome friends it was done in half a day! Early this year we planted the apricot and peach and during the Easter weekend we built the greenhouse. The garden will take years to mature fully but thanks to the design, we always know where we’re headed!

p.s. Here are photos of the garden in 2016