14 rhubarb recipes


In case my use of all caps and exclamation marks has not clued you in: I AM EXCITED!

Another clue as to my love for rhubarb is the number of rhubarb recipes on this website: no less than 14.

We have just started harvesting the bright red stalks but I’m already fretting that I will not get to make all my favorites before the rhubarb season ends. We stop picking rhubarb around summer solstice which might seem very far away now but 14 rhubarb recipes is a lot and there are still more I want to try out!

In case you also have rhubarb (and time) on your hands, let me take you for a stroll through my favorite recipes. And please:  let me know what you favorite ways to prepare rhubarb are in the comments!

Rhubarb tartelettes in corn meal crust – darling tartelettes filled with a mix of rhubarb puree and whipped cream and adorned with edible flowers. The filling is essentially a rhubarb fool and it is is good on its own  but even better contained in the corn meal crust which provides a nice contrast in texture.

Rhubarb tartelettes in corn meal crust

Rhubarb kuchen with spiced up streusel – this kuchen consists of three layers: a relatively thin layer of barely sweet yeasted dough, a layer of refreshingly tart rhubarb and a fragrant spiced up whole wheat streusel. The cake travels well, taste as good the next day and it is great with an afternoon cup of tea/coffee

Rhubarb kuchen with streusel


Rhubarb Beer Jam – an intriguing combination of flavours that keeps you coming back for more. The recipe is also relatively low in sugar: it uses just 200 g sugar to 1 kilo fruit, which is a small amount, especially considering we’re talking rhubarb here!

Rhubarb vanilla custard tart –  sweet pastry case filled with vanilla scented custard in which pieces of refreshingly sharp rhubarb are drowning. Meaning: it looks pretty and tastes delicious.

rhubarb vanilla custard tart

Rhubarb Walnut Crumblelike walnut cookies crumbled over stewed rhubarb which means very good.

rhubarb walnut crumble

Rhubarb liqueur – I am not much of a drinker but this pretty-pink essence-of-rhubarb liqueur is just the thing to sip under the sweet-scented honeysuckle behind our house on a summer evening.

rhubarb liqueur

Poached rhubarb with yogurt cream –  pink rhubarb stalks gently poached in orange juice scented with cardamom and start anise, topped with yogurt lightened with cream

poached rhubarb with yogurt cream

Rhubarb cornflour cake – a versatile cake (brunch, afternoon tea…) with a high rhubarb to dough ratio. The cornflour makes the cake appealingly yellow and complements the taste of rhubarb. As do the orange zest and juice in the batter and cinnamon brown sugar scattered on top.

Rhubarb cake

 Rhubarb cream cheese tart a dinner party worthy tart with crisp crust, cream cheese filling (with rum!) and oven baked rhubarb, with reduced rhubarb syrup drizzled on top.

Rhubarb cream cheese tart

Rhubarb tart with orange custard – this pretty tart is fast and easy to make because the dough is not a pie dough but a batter, so no chilling and no rolling out. The clove and orange scented custard partially merges with the batter, I don’t exactly know why this is appealing, but it is. The balance between sweet and tart that makes it also suitable for a brunch.

Rhubarb tart with orange custard

Rhubarb tarts in cornmeal crust – cute individual free-form tarts filled with rhubarb compote. The delicious crust is made with both cornflour and cornmeal and is good enough to eat on its own

Rhubarb tarts

Rhubarb Big Crumb Cake –  a cake layer, a generous layer of rhubarb and lots of big spiced crumbs and together, they are perfection. Though the crumbs use the same ingredients as streusel, it is the shaping them into satisfyingly huge crumbs that makes all the difference here.

Rhubarb streusel whole wheat muffins – the title pretty much says it all. I just wish you could also experience the delicious smell when they come out of the oven in the morning…

rhubarb streusel whole wheat muffin

Rhubarb cobbler – slightly less elegant, but very easy to throw together. The rhubarb does not have to be precooked, only mixed with sugar and orange and left to marinate. The biscuit dough comes together in minutes and is just spooned over the rhubarb. A beautiful combination of tart, orange scented rhubarb and sweet cakey biscuit that is crisp on top.

Rhubarb cobbler

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