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sweet pea bouquet

Between our week in Oslo and visiting my parents in the Czech Republic, we spent two days at home. To do the laundry, have a break from driving and most importantly, check on the garden. Going to the allotment was (of course) the first thing we did after waking up early on Sunday morning. We spent three hot (like 34 degrees hot) but happy hours, weeding, watering and harvesting.
And even though I knew we would be leaving in another day, I also picked a bouquet of sweet peas, to put a little beauty surrounded by a cloud of the sweetest scent on our dining table while we’re here. Sweet peas (Lathyrus odoratus) are not the longest lasting cut flowers, but they flower prolifically and to keep them flowering you have to pick them all the time.

sweet peas
This year, I am growing sweet peas on a bamboo- wigwam in my three-square-meters-annual-cut-flower-border. I presowed them in early April (after soaking the seeds in rain water for a night) and planted them out on 1st May.

cut flowers on the allotment
Apart from a few other varieties I am growing “Matucana” alias “Cupani”, an old favorite, and “King’s High Scent”, a new favorite. These two are the most scented varieties I have come across and are both very pretty too: “Matucana” with its bicolored purple and crimson flowers and “King’s High Scent” with its cream colored flowers edged in violet.

sweet pea matucana and king's high scent
Depending on the weather, it might happen that when we come back from vacation, the sweet peas will have formed seeds and stopped flowering. In that case, I will keep the seeds, so that I can sow them again next year.

Sweet pea bouquet


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