2013 – on keeping resolutions and favourite recipes

allotment in decemberIt is customary, as the year comes to an end, to remember, reminisce and reflect.

At the beginning of the year I made a list of about 10 resolutions, trying not to be impossibly ambitious. Well – I kept one of them. I set out to document this year in a Project Life album on a weekly basis and (I am somewhat surprised myself) stuck with it. I am so happy I did this, because it means we documented not only the big things like birthdays and holidays, but also the time Esther dropped a bowl of brownie batter on the floor, my sister spontaneously rehearsed a crazy dance with the kids while my friend Tereza played the guitar, Sebastiaan reading in the bathtub… Small, fun pieces of life.

But some of our year has also been documented on this blog and when I look through the archives, I see a year unfold in seasonal recipes and glimpses of our new vegetable garden gradually coming together. After our unvoluntary move last September, I felt quite bitter, but am now ready to admit that there are good things about starting afresh, too. I got a chance to plan the new garden based on many years of experience and try new things. Even though the garden is not “finished” yet, we enjoyed many harvests and consequently ate really well.

Yesterday I thought I would ask each family member for their favorite dish of the past year from the blog, so here you go:

Sebastiaans favorite: “Blueberry sour cream tart” – ah, summer, where art thou?

Blueberry sour cream tart

Esther’s favorite: “Danish Pastry Tarte Tatin” – no surprise here, Esther has an inexplicable, long-lasting passion for tarte tatin and this version was fabulousDanish pastry tarte tatin

Remco’s favourite: “Rotolo di pasta with squash and spinach” – I guess he liked it not just because it tasted great but also because it’s a weird way of treating lasagna

Rotolo di pasta with squash and spinach

My favourite: ” Brussels sprouts, winter squash and quinoa salad” – it was tough to choose, since I, of course, love all the recipes I share here (or I wouldn’t share them), but this one I am also proud of because it is truly “my” recipe and it contains the things I love most in cooking – lots of seasonal vegetables, herbs, seeds and nutritious grains:brussels sprouts, winter squash and quinoa salad

And, last but not least, YOUR favourite “Spinach and spring herb torta in a potato crust” – the most viewed/shared/pinned recipe of 2013:Spinach and herb torta in potato crust

May 2014 be equally delicious!

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