Cucumber & borage canapés

Cucumber and borage canapésA couple of weeks ago, following the post on growing edible flowers, I gave you a recipe for very pretty, very easy to make edible flower and cream cheese canapés.

Guess what?

These canapés are just as pretty and even easier to make.

And though, admittedly, not my major concern, they are also so lean you could probably even serve them at a Weight Watchers’ meeting.

borage (borago officinalis)Instead of bread or toast, the cottage cheese is spread on cucumber slices and decorated with the true-blue star-shaped flowers of borage. The reason it’s borage and not another edible flower is that borage’s taste is fresh and somewhat cucumberlike, thus making a harmonious pairing.

If you’d like to know more about borage and other edible flowers, check out this post.

Cucumber and borage canapés
Inspired by a picture I saw long ago somewhere on the internet.

400 g cottage cheese
1 cucumber
a small handful of borage flowers

Season the cottage cheese with salt to taste. Cut cucumber in thick slices, about 1 cm ( ½ inch). Put about ½ tablespoon of cottage cheese on each slice and decorate with a borage flower. I like to serve the canapés on variegated nasturtium leaves.

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