Edible garden in July

allotment in july

The problem with July is that the summer holiday starts. Because who wants to leave the garden behind right after the first tomatoes started ripening? I don’t, not really, but being bound by holidays scheduled by the Dutch ministry of education and having all of my family living in the Czech Republic, I do go on holiday. (It’s not the holiday part that mind, of course).

Allotment in july allotment in july

Right now, we are in my parents’ summer house in a small village in the western part of the Czech Republic. It’s an old farm house with a lot of space and a huge garden that I have been gradually planting with edibles (of course – I can only leave my garden for another garden!). Our phone connection is rather unreliable and only recently have we figured a way to connect to the internet, hence the lack of posting. But as the end of the month approaches, I want to share some highlights from the garden back home.

The garden yields colourful bouquets:

july bouquet from the garden july bouquet from the allotment

First ripe tomato: “Ida Gold”, a very early bush tomato:

tomato "Ida Gold"

Tomatillos (not ripe yet, but looking promising) and hot red peppers: tomatillos and hot red peppers

A very good garlic harvest that will hopefully get us through winter. We will safe a few plump cloves for planting again in fall. garlic harvest

Courgette and squash planted through cardboard (against weeds) growing vigorously after a few waterings with diluted fermented nettles:

courgette and squash growing through cardboard mulch

The edible forest in our backyard turned into jungle full of edibles: edible forest garden in july

The luxury of eating berries straight from the bush: jostaberry, black, red and yellow raspberries, gooseberries…. fruits from edible forest garden

Hope your gardens are thriving, too!

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