Easter food

It’s snowing as I’m writing this post. The weatherforcast is promising us the coldest Easter since 1964 – colder than Christmas!

But it’s Easter and we’ll celebrate, whether it’s snowing or not.

Today I’m baking the Easter lamb. Not a real lamb, but a surrogate from enriched yeast dough. I have a vintage baking form that was my grandmother’s and because I am more likely to actualy use it than the rest of the family, I inherited it. In the old days, these sweet lambs were made by people who couldn’t afford an actual lamb. We make it because we’re vegetarians and because it’s so pretty. When my daughter was about four she insisted that the lamb was a dog which lead to some funny looks when she told people we bake a dog for Easter.

We’ll decorate eggs, of course. Some we wrap in onion skins and boil them, some we decorate with beeswax. We’ll undoubtedly end up with a lot of hard boiled eggs and these can be turned into an egg salad or deviled eggs later. Tradition dictates to eat lots of wild herbs and I usually make a nettle spanakopita but as nothing’s really growing yet, not even weeds, I’ll have to wait. But in case you live in a warmer climate and your weeds are thriving in the spring sun, see the recipes bellow. For the Easter brunch with my in-laws, I’ll either bake the braided bread rolls, or mazanec, the sweet Czech Easter bread.

May your Easter be happy and eggs plentiful!

Egg salad with curry and Dijon mustard

Deviled eggs

Nettle spanakopita

Ricotta al forno with spring herbs

Aparagus frittata

Potato pancakes with cold herb sauce


Braided bread rolls

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