Harvesting in September – video

September is a time of wonderful abundance in the garden – most of the summer vegetables are still producing while the cool weather crops are coming into their own. Which means we’re picking lots of sweet corn, zucchini, tomatoes and cucumbers but also kale, endive and Florence fennel seedlings. Last Sunday we filmed a harvest video  which for me was an opportunity to stop and truly appreciate the beauty and variety of the produce we are harvesting at this moment. We are lucky to have this piece of land that allows us to feed our family so well!

As I mention in the video, our daughter has left for college and for the first time in her life experienced eating in a cafeteria. She concluded quickly that she did not want to be paying for eating meals she does not enjoy so I’ll be packing some vegetables and fruit from our garden for her to take to the dorm so that she can cook herself.

Apart from the produce I mention in the video we are also picking apples, grapes and fall raspberries.

On Tuesdays I work in the community garden where we grow other vegetables too, so I picked some beans this morning to add to my larder. I will be recording all the meals we make this week and will gather them in a ‘Week of Eating from the Garden‘ post. Undoubtedly lots of family favourites will appear and probably a good few recipes will come from the blog archives. But I’m also interested in new ideas, so let me know what you’d make (tomatillo recipes are especially appreciated :-))!

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