Seasonal bouquet – Easter edition

One of my #gardengoals for this year is to pick more flowers from the garden. Even though there are actually lots of flowers growing there, the bouquets I picked during the past year could be counted on the fingers of one hand. There’s always so much to do that taking time to stroll through the garden with a pair of scissors feels like a superfluous luxury.  And yes, flowers are a luxury but a comparatively innocent one. Plus why am I growing all these flowers anyway??

So even though we were really busy this past weekend trying to balance building a greenhouse (yay!)

with taking time for some of our Easter traditions (lamb cake!) and spending time with family,

on Saturday I did pick a bouquet. After we’d finished for the day I asked my hungry and tired, but extremely patient husband to give me 10 more minutes and quickly gathered this scented bunch.

Apart from some of my favourite daffodils (‘Geranium’ and ‘Sir Winston Churchill’) and yellow wallflowers, there’s also Doronicum orientale, a very early flowering yellow daisy.

I’d had just two Doronicum plants but I divided them when I moved them at the beginning of last year and in just a year they made a spectacular carpet between two young pear trees. A bonus: they seem to have a very decent vase-life.

Here’s everything that went into my Easter bouquet:

Narcissus ‘Geranium’

Narcissus ‘Sir Winston Churchill’

Narcissus ‘Sailboat’ (this one does not seem to last as well and is not scented either)

Wallflower (Erysimum cheiri) – a scented biennial

Doronicum orientale

Trollius cultorum ‘Pritchard’s Giant’

Forsythia x intermedia (green branches)


I hope your Easter likewise was filled with sunshine and flowers!

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