Harvesting in November – video

This week I am planning to do a new installment for the ‘A week of eating from the garden‘ series where I record what we harvest at a particular point in time and how I use the fruits and vegetables in the kitchen. There are times when I have to use all my ingenuity to stretch the harvest to last us all week but at the moment we are enjoying a splendid abundance. As you can see in the video, we are still harvesting a huge variety of vegetables. Because our new garden is so much bigger than the previous one, we were able to add more raised beds and grow more vegetables than ever before. We also inherited a huge ‘Conference’ pear which has fruited so abundantly, I am somewhat stressed about processing the harvest.

sweet potatoes

And apart from that, we have sweet potatoes and lots of winter squash stored away and there are apples and quinces in our cellar, too. We have walnuts from the garden of our friends and sweet chestnuts we foraged in the forest.


I am thankful for all this beautiful organic produce and looking forward to cooking with it this week.

What would you make with these vegetables?

harvesting pears

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