A week of eating from the garden / late summer

A week of eating from the garden late summer

‘A week of eating from the garden’ may well be my favourite kind of post to put together. It is both a garden and a kitchen diary. It chronicles what we harvest at a certain time of the year and since this is already a second year of me doing these posts, I can also see whether the dishes we’re currently loving are the same as last year or whether things have changed since the earth has circled the sun.

Actually, I was pretty surprised to see that not one dish I cooked last week is the same as in the September post last year. Since sometimes I feel like I’ve been cooking the same recipes over and over, this was a pleasant surprise. Nevertheless, I would make any of the recipes from last year again in a heartbeat, especially the roasted vegetable galette and the Andalusian soup salad. In fact, I think I’ll make the soup today.

It also reminded me that I would like to turn the ‘apple harvest dinner’ into a yearly tradition. Our apples are ready to harvest and I’m thinking of apple dishes I could make this year. Any tips are welcome!

There is one thing that makes this week stand out: it has been the only week so far since I started growing vegetables 11 years ago that we could eat home-grown tomatoes every single day. We only have 4 plants of ‘Losetto’ (cherry tomato) and 2 plants of ‘Ferline’ but they have done exceptionally well this year. Plus there are more tomatoes (‘Matt’s Wild Cherry’ and ‘Orange Currant’) growing in the community garden.

Here is what I harvested during the week (there was more from the community garden, but I did not take a picture):

harvest from the garden harvest from the garden2
And here’s what we ate:

Dinner: Chard and herb pie with warm tomato salad

chard and herb pie

I love this pie not in the least because it uses both the chard leaves and the stems. Plus the leftovers are so nice to have for lunch the next day.


Dinner: Baked tomatoes with custard and sweet corn

baked tomatoes and sweet corn

The sweet corn I grew this year is a supersweet variety and it is a little too sweet for my taste, but the big advantage is that it keeps its taste longer after harvest. The baked tomato is a variation on this recipe.

Dessert: Yogurt with berries

yogurt with berries

If I serve a dessert at all, it will look something like this: just yoghurt and berries. We also usually eat berries with breakfast.


Dinner: Italian courgette and basil soup

courgette and basil soup

The perfect super-fast dish to make on a night when Esther has a horse-riding lesson, Sebastiaan has choir practice and I teach Norwegian later in the evening. Recipe here.


Dinner: Chickpea and cauliflower curry with cucumber raita and tomatillo chutney

cauliflower and chickpea curry

I usually cook a big batch of any pulses I need for a recipe and save the rest for another day (see Saturday) – it’s the kind of thing that makes cooking a dinner every day way easier. Recipe for the tomatillo chutney here.

Dessert: Plum kuchen with streusel

plum kuchen with streusel

Esther picked the plums (damsons, actually, which are perfect for this cake) in her friend’s garden and brought them home specifically so that we could make this. Recipe here, but I made the spiced up streusel as here.


Dinner: Spaghetti with marinated tofu and cherry tomatoes

spaghetti with marinated tofu and cherry tomatoes

A recipe from the archives, requested by Sebastiaan. He’s a 12 year old boy, he likes his pasta. Luckily, he likes tofu and tomatoes too.


Dinner: Spiced chickpeas with chopped salad

spiced chickpeas with chopped salad

Lovely with a drizzle of yogurt. Notice the pretty yellow currant tomatoes from the community garden – it’s all about color, isn’t it?


Dinner: Corn ricotta cakes and beans with cherry tomatoes and pesto

corn ricotta cakes with beans

These cakes are made with both corn flour and fresh corn kernels and obviously this is a dish kids love.

So, this was our week in 7 meal – we ate well. It will get a little harder to cook from the garden when it gets colder, but there are still plenty of good things to come. The tomato harvest is slowly coming to an end, but I am looking forward to using winter squash and kale again. Every season has its highlights!

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