Open face sandwiches with home made potato salad

So, we made the potato salad to eat on Christmas Eve and then we made another batch to make open face sandwiches for New Year’s Eve. As we do every year. And the sandwiches that are not eaten on New Year’s Eve, we pack in a box and take on our traditional family walk on New Year’s Day – the first picnic of the year.

This is not really a recipe, since obviously everyone likes different toppings and the beauty of these sandwiches is that apart from bread, butter and potato salad, the rest is optional and everybody can suit him/herself.
We make at least three versions:
for vegetarians, for fish-eaters and for meat-eaters. Because of the flexibility, they are quite easy to make for “mixed” company and thus great for parties. And they taste fabulous. And look so pretty. And you don’t really want to know how many I can eat in one sitting!

Open face sandwiches with home made potato salad
potato salad
sliced bread of your choice
soft butter
slices of different kinds of cheese (cheddar, blue cheese etc.)
hard-boiled eggs, sliced
gherkins, sliced thinly
cherry tomatoes
slices of salami, ham etc. (I’m no expert on meat, sorry)

Spread the slices of bread with a thin layer of butter, it prevents the salad from soaking the sandwiches. Top with a generous layer of potato salad, do not smoothe the salad, because the rougher surface helps to keep the toppings in place. Arrange slices of cheese, eggs, gherkins and whatever else you like on top. Keep in the fridge until serving.

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