Garden jobs in March

gardening in March

This post is a part of a series about the things I usually do/sow/harvest in my garden in a given month. I’ll post at the beginning of each month and at the end of month I check in to let you know how the month went in the garden (March in rearview mirror) . My garden is in the eastern part of the Netherlands, in a cool temperate climate, roughly zone 7. Your sowing times might be somewhat different depending on your local climate.

March to do list:

Sowing outside:
Broad beans, radishes, onions, peas, Oriental greens (such as mizuna and mibuna), rocket, parsley,carrots

Sowing on the windowsill:
Peppers, egg plant, tomato, sugar snaps, basil, beets, lettuce

Kale, leeks, last of winter greens (corn salad, winter purslane, mustards, chervil..) from the cold frame & outside

Finish pruning fruit trees and bushes
Prepare beds for sowing by moving the winter mulch to the side and letting them warm up
Cover early sowings with fleece to protect them from cold
Blanch rhubarb under upside down buckets
Sprout early potatoes
Weed as necessary

sowing in march

The most important question at this time of year is: when is the soil warm enough for sowing? The old gardening advice is “drop your pants and sit on the soil” – if your butt freezes, it’s too cold and it’s too early to sow anything. If you do not wish to shock any senior citizens gardening in your neighborhood, you can check the soil temperature the way you’d check the water for a baby’s bath: on your forearm.


The crocuses are in full bloom, and it seems this year spring is very early as opposed to last year when it was exceptionally late. I already sowed broad beans (fava) which are some of the hardiest vegetables. It’s time to start crowding the window sill with seedlings, too.

Happy gardening!

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