Tulips everywhere

It’s spring, we’re in the Netherlands and that means tulips! Tourists from all over the world flock to Keukenhof, the shop window of the Dutch bulb companies to admire the spring plantings. I’ve been to Keukenhof once and was a little disappointed at how old-fashioned it was – lots of ugly combinations of primary colors. There are beautiful parts, too, most of them designed by the famous Dutch garden designer Jacqueline van der Kloet, who is specialized in bulbs. But the overall effect was a little overwhelming.

So today, instead, I would like to take you on a little walk through our street. Because we’ve got tulips, too! 2 years ago we got a small grant to set up our plant swap and when there was a little money left, we bought tulip, narcissi and allium bulbs and distributed them among the inhabitants of our street. There are many planters throughout the street, usually cared about by those who live closest and this is where the bulbs went.

The first time I was in Hengelo, we cycled around a lot and I remember telling my then-future-husband that this was a street where I would like to live. About three years later we bought a house here. It is still my favorite street in the whole city. I am proud to have contributed a little to making it even more beautiful.

Today I ditched my schedule, grabbed the camera and captured the fleeting moment. I hope that there are some tulips flowering where you are!

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