The queen’s not dead, but long live the king!

As you might or might not know, the Netherlands is a monarchy, a constituent monarchy to be precise. That means the monarch is the head of the state but though he or she has to sign all laws, the parliament really makes them. Thus the role of the monarch is mostly representative (read: decorative). The Royal House costs a lot of money but provides the folks with some entertainment and the tabloids with something to write about and we get one day off every year to celebrate the monarch’s birthday. Yesterday was the last time this was celebrated on the 30th April. Because yesterday queen Beatrix signed the deed of abdication, making her son, Willem Alexander, the Dutch king.

Big changes lie ahead of us, namely the date of the birthday celebration will be moved from 30th April to 27th April!

So: The queen’s not dead, long live the king!

p.s. The Dutch Royal House is called House of Orange-Nassau, orange being its symbolic color and the fruit being its symbol. At this moment, shops are selling everything in orange packaging.

If I had thought of it on time, this would have been the perfect dessert for the occasion:

Blood orange custard tart

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