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Cranberry walnut biscotti

Cranberry walnut biscotti and Parmesan biscuits

Last time I told you about the wonderful Parmesan biscuits that I brought to a dinner as a hostess gift. And I brought these biscotti, too. Something to have with the wine, and something with your after-dinner coffee – everything…

Parmesan and poppy biscuits

Parmesan and poppy bescuits

When my sister was in second grade, the class was discussing manners and the teacher asked: “What do you bring the hostess when you go for a visit?” Now, at that time our parents led a busy social life and…

Chilli vodka

Chilli vodka

There are many ways to preserve the home grown bounty for the winter. I don’t like canning vegetables as I find that just reduces fresh vegetables into a less desirable version of themselves. Making jellies, chutney’s and jams on the…