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Glorious rhubarb

Blanched rhubarb

Today is the first day of spring and spring means some of my favorite seasonal produce is almost in sight. I started blanching rhubarb a couple of weeks ago but despite the warm weather we’ve had, it is not quite…

Danish pastry tarte tatin

Danish pastry tarte tatin

My daughter loves tarte tatin. My sister, conditioned by having worked in Paris as an au pair for a year when she was eighteen and studying French afterwards, loves it even more. Upon their request I made tarte tatin several…

Blueberry sour cream tart

Blueberry sour cream tart

Do you remember how everything was better when we were young? The summers endless and the sun brighter? I also clearly remember that wild blueberries were plentiful every summer. I remember how I went to the woods to pick them…

Strawberry galette with basil cream

Strawberry galette

  Summer solstice, the longest day of the year, is an important date in the garden calendar. Besides some vegetables that are especially sensitive to day length, being better sown past this date (fennel, Oriental brassica’s), it also marks the end…

Rhubarb cream cheese tart

Rhubarb cream cheese tart

  Last time I went to the allotment, our neighbor, a gardening veteran, kindly asked whether I would like some rhubarb. I couldn’t help laughing because the 15 odd plants in our garden are enough even for me and my…

Honey almond speculaas pie

gevulde speculaas

Sinterklaas is to the Dutch what Santa Claus is to the Americans and 5th December here is what 24th is in America. The two saints might look somewhat similar (red cloths, white beard) but it is Sinterklaas who is the…

Rustic rye dough

rustic rye dough

There are mornings when I very much wish I was a coffee-drinker. This month we have been sadly wrapping up at our allotment. We have gardened there for 9 years. I have planted 9 fruit trees, many soft fruit bushes…

Gooseberry tart with crème fraîche

Gooseberry creme fraiche tart

I like gooseberries, because of their “just right” blend of sweet and tart, but also because of their undeniable seasonality. Unlike strawberries that you can buy pretty much anytime (though they won’t always be worth eating), gooseberries are only available…now.