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Rhubarb walnut crumble

rhubarb walnut crumble

Every year I put a considerable amount of thought into the first rhubarb dish of the season. I usually cover one of our 20+ plants (I’ve been meaning to count) with a big bucket to force and blanch it and…

Easter Lamb Cake

sized_PL week13-004

Even though the way we celebrate Easter and the dishes we serve for our Easter brunch vary a bit from year to year, there are two food related Easter traditions we always keep. On Saturday we will decorate eggs (with…

Pear & chocolate honey spelt cake

chocolate pear spelt honey cake

I baked a wedding cake. Well, no, not the wedding cake which was an amazing two story chocolate-raspberry affair, thankfully without fondant (you can’t go wrong with chocolate and raspberries!) and of which I certainly ate my share. Rather, I…

Rosemary spelt cake

rosemary spelt cake

Many years ago I read a historical novel where the Russian Grand Duchess Anna Pavlovna having moved to the Netherlands after marrying the future King William II was reported to complain that the wet Dutch climate was not suitable for…

Hazelnut torte with berries

hazelnut torte with berries

 You know what our most valuable crop is at the moment? Blackberries. Last week I saw organic blackberries for sale, the tiniest box (150 g) going for 2,35 Euro. That same evening I picked more than a kilo, which would…

Roasted strawberry cake

roasted strawberry cake

To end what turned into a week of strawberry recipes, I bring you a variation on the cherry bubble cake, where cherries were  substituted with roasted strawberries. The roasting,  an easy extra step that is less work than pitting cherries…

Rhubarb cornflour cake

Rhubarb cake

Last week one of my best friends came for a visit. She lives 900 km away and this was the first time she and her family visited us here in the Netherlands. She’s one of my oldest friends and one…

Chocolate kranz cake

Chocolate kranz cake

It’s been snowing in the Netherlands. You know what happens in the Netherlands when it snows? Chaos happens. On the first day of snow, the traffic jam in the country reached a record combined length of 1003 km, the railway…

Chocolate fudge cake

Ottolenghi chocolate fudge cake

This cake is another creation of Yotam Ottolenghi. Yes, him again. Because he’s that good. And because he apparently thinks that there is no such thing as too much chocolate, in a brownie or in a cake. I agree.