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White chocolate chip coffee cookies

White chocolate coffee cookies

Have you read Pippi Longstockings by Astrid Lindgren? It is one of the best children’s books ever and as such it is a great read no matter what your age is. It was a great pleasure to reread it with…

Very chocolatey brownies

Very chocolatey brownies

Yesterday we went to the International Specialist Nursery Days at Bingerden. A wonderful event held in the historical gardens of one of the country’s oldest estates where specialist nurseries bring their collections and only your iron will and the fact…

Speculaas spice chocolate chip cookies

Speculaas spice chocolate chip cookies

It’s been almost exactly six months since Sinterklaas, the good old saint and Santa Clause’s Dutch cousin, showered us with presents and then swiftly left for Spain. I can’t blame him for wanting to live in a more favorable climate.…

Chocolate cinnamon rugelach

chocolate cinnamon rugelach

Last Monday, the whole Dutch nation celebrated the Queen’s birthday. This might lead you to believe that queen Beatrix was actually born 30th April. Not so, it was her mother’s birthday. But upon inheriting the throne, the queen very wisely…

Cauldron cakes

Caudron cakes

In case you felt sorry for my daughter for losing the big birthday cake dispute: don’t. I think that after eating the caramel-peanut-topped brownie cake even she did not feel sorry for herself (I mean – caramel-peanut-topped brownie cake?). Besides,…

Guinness brownies


There has been a complaint about my baking. Or rather: not baking. You see, my husband had the nerve to bring a shop bought cake to work on his birthday. Moreover, two of his closest colleagues were not at work…

Chocolate terrine

Chocolate terrine

This cake is basically a direct result of the recent teachers’ strike in the Netherlands. Or maybe not so direct, but connected anyway. Let me explain.

Caramel-peanut-topped brownie cake

Caramel peanut topped brownie cake

There was supposed to be a compromise about the cake for my husband’s and my daughter’s joined birthday celebration. But there was not. Because my husband, a peanut butter addict (as well as a coffee addict – but that’s a…

Toffee brownies

Wrapping brownies

Do you remember how I told you about Yotam Ottolenghi, the guy who turns even muffins into something complicated? He does the same thing with brownies.

Gingerbread chocolate cookies

`gingerbread chocolate cookies

You know what the Dutch national sport is? Speed skating! Less than 2 weeks have passed since my post in which I complained about the parody on winter we were having and all has changed: it’s freezing so much that…

Chocolate pretzel cookies

Chocolate pretzel cookies

Just about two weeks to Christmas and I’m baking a batch of cookies almost daily. I am rather a slacker as far as decorating the house for the jolly season is concerned. We will be leaving anyway to spend the…

Chocolate Malteser Cake

chocolate malteser cake

Birthdays usually present an opportunity to bake a cake that is too complicated, rich or time-consuming for lesser occasions. And I mean occasions like “it’s Monday and it’s been raining the whole day”, because I do bake cakes for such…